In this day and age, being secure means more than just throwing money at firewalls and endpoint protection software. To be secure, organizations need to regularly test their technical controls, review and update written policies, and ensure their users know how to interact with systems and data safely.

Below, we’ve listed just 4 of the Advanced Security services we provide for our clients. These services are becoming the norm in industries that handle sensitive data. Talk to us today to learn more!

access to digital data on server, secured login concept

access to digital data on server, secured login concept

Internal Vulnerability & External Penetration Testing: Our internal and external penetration testing services help you find areas of weakness in your technical environment. Beyond vulnerability discovery, we will actively attempt to exploit any discovered weaknesses using real-world techniques such as privilege escalation, traffic sniffing, custom scripts, and exploitation toolkits. Whether you are aiming to comply with a regulation (PCI, HIPAA, etc.) or simply gain a better understand of the risk to your private data, our services are trusted and non-disruptive.

The goal of internal vulnerabillity & external penetration testing is to answer the question “how easily could a hacker access private data on my systems?”

Risk Assessment: Risk assessments are at the heart of every healthy cybersecurity program. They uncover the unique risks facing an organization and tie them to a custom-built risk-reduction roadmap. Risk assessments address what to do to minimize the impact of natural disasters, technology failures, ransomware, other malware outbreaks, a sudden loss of key employees, or a myriad other potential events or disasters. Our risk assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of your information security risks, a mitigation strategy for the identified risks, and a foundation for the risk management process. The output of the risk assessment is a document that includes risk statements with scored priorities and recommendations for safeguards where appropriate. This document will serve as a security plan for initiatives in the coming year and beyond.

Security Assessments: We are adamant about doing security the right way. We find that organizations are quick to spend money on firewalls, endpoint protection, and other “common” controls. They then try to wrap policy around their technology purchases. Finally, they reach out to a security provider to grade their work. This has to be reversed. To best secure your business, a holistic assessment should come before written policy and expenditures on technical controls. We’ll ask what gets you up every morning and keeps you up at night, what your business vision is, and what your 5-year and 10-year plans are. From this basic understand of your goals and objectives, we’ll be in a suitable position to discuss your unique risks and vulnerabilities. After the assessment, you’ll have a better handle on the effectiveness of existing information security investments. You’ll know where your money is being well-spent and where you may need to pivot.

Security Awareness Training: ISM offers online training modules designed to teach users about best practices when handling email, using mobile devices, working in public spaces, and dealing with social engineering attacks. Scenario-based modules equip your staff to recognize the value of different types of information; to understand the scope, nature, and origin of the diverse risks to such information; and to behave proactively to protect this information in their everyday work. This is a very important aspect of security, as most breaches start with a simple human error. ​Benefits of security awareness training include risk reduction through user education, enforcing corporate policy surrounding security awareness training, and satisfying compliance requirements.


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