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hand on roadmap

woman is sitting at cafe with laptop and pointing at road map, top view

The role of your technology partner is changing – all great IT partners should be helping their clients by implementing a business technology roadmap, regardless of the location or ownership of the technology that runs your company.

At Information Systems of Montana, we believe this involves a 9-step Business Technology Roadmap to align with and deliver foresight, management, and protection of your business technology.


For this month’s newsletter, we are going to cover the final 5 (of 9 total) steps that are part of our ongoing technology review with our clients – this is something your company should consider stepping through also.

Step Five: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Assessment. Review RTO (Return to Operations) calculations. What is your threshold for being without access to your assets (i.e. your data)? I.e. how long can you afford before your business Returns to Operation? Have you developed ‘What if’ scenarios for data loss and disaster, and in turn sketched out appropriate response plans?

Step Six: Cyber Security Assessment. Review your firewall, your endpoint protection, your malicious attack prevention, and your ransomware protection. These are all separate items with require different security solutions. Most importantly – who is monitoring and responding to these threats on a daily, 24×7 basis?

Step Seven: Capacity Planning. Review your current and future growth needs, is your technology environment ready for your company’s plans? What needs to be implemented/changed to successfully meet those needs?

Step Eight: Emerging Technologies. What is the impact of new technologies on your business. What new solutions can you leverage for your business? Cloud-based applications? VoIP and collaboration tools? Perhaps physical IP Security or something specific to your industry?

Step Nine: Alignment: Review the business alignment between your technology partner and your company. How does your technology partner help your company meet its vision, currently and in the future? Does your technology partner help you meet your KPI’s and your company’s objectives?

These are the 9 steps to building a Business Technology Roadmap. Ask your technology partner how they can help with your business vision and business model pivot. What are the technological roadblocks to your vision, KPI’s and objectives that a great technology partner can help with?

Your businesses’ technology roadmap is something you should have, maintain, use and periodically update.

Let us know if you need help with your Business Technology Roadmap, we can help!