This month, we want to talk about a service that lands outside our normal OutSourced IT offerings: VOIP Phone Systems!

While our OutSourced clients represent a specific type and size of business, our VOIP Phone System clients can typically be any business with 3 or more phones. Every business needs a phone system, but today’s VOIP systems provide a platform for so many other tools and technologies.

IP Phone - Office Phone 

We partner with two different manufacturers of VOIP systems, in order to provide phone solutions at different ability levels and price points. For basic phone systems requiring basic to intermediate features, we use a FortiVoice system, which is owned by Fortinet, a top security and networking provider around the world. These systems allow far more advanced features than a traditional PBX system, and most importantly, an easy way to mange the system. We love this solution as it provides a dependable phone system with a ton of ‘base’ features, all at a lower price point.

For larger systems requiring intermediate to advanced features such as call analytics, collaboration and contact center options, we turn to Mitel for their award winning services and solutions. Mitel offers both cloud based and on-premise systems, with an incredible depth of features. A Mitel solution can be designed and deployed for an enterprise class, world-wide organization.

Call centers, advanced collaboration tools, mobility, and scalability – these advanced areas are where a Mitel solution excels. We typically install these systems in clients with 25-500 phone users, i.e. larger clients that require the more advanced features Mitel offers.

Interested in upgrading your phone system? Give us a call and see how we can provide a solution that fits your needs best!