Montana Budget & Policy Center

Montana Budget & Policy Center is a non-profit organization founded in 2008. Their primary focus is research and analysis for budget, tax, and economic issues, that then informs public policy, the media, and the general public.

They brought us on board in January 2018 to provide much needed technological support. Not previously having an internal IT presence, they felt the need to address their hardware updates, cyber security, and data backup and recovery. One of the specific problems they were experiencing involved their Outlook email and calendars, which we were quickly able to remedy, by moving to a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution.

We love supporting non profit organizations, as there’s a number of benefits that we’re able to help leverage. For example, Microsoft will license their software products to qualified non profits for practically pennies on the dollar (including hosting Office 365 for FREE!). Using these perks, we’re able to help outfit our non profit customers with the latest and greatest products for an extremely reduced price.

We look forward to bringing continued value to the fine folks at Montana Budget and Policy Center!