In our Client Spotlight, we primarily focus on our OutSourced IT relationships -we tend to throw that phrase around a lot. For all our new readers this past year, we will expand upon what means!

Small businesses are utilizing today’s technology to leverage maximum efficiency – but how do you support, manage, and maintain this?

This can be a challenge to have this caliber of resource inhouse. Not only is it challenging enough to be an expert in today’s technology, but our rapidly-changing industry requires constant research and testing of new solutions, 24×7 security monitoring, and behind the scenes updating, just to name a few items! Not to mention, how do you align your long term business goals with a complimenting technological infrastructure?

You need a full-time IT department, from support to management. For small businesses in our state, acquiring an inhouse IT department of this caliber is often a very unrealistic expense. But as an OutSourced IT provider, we do exactly that by utilizing our proven system of support, solutions, and management.

Our support is a combination of remote and on-site technicians, responding to your needs at the highest priority. Our cutting edge solutions allow us to leverage this support proactively and remotely. As an OutSourced IT client, we act as your IT management, providing long term vision and budgeting.

Over ISM’s 25 years in business, we’ve fine-tuned these processes to develop different levels of OutSourced IT plans, which are customized to most effectively address your specific needs. These plans are based on a reliable, fixed monthly rate – making it easy to budget for your technological needs.

This relationship-based approach to our clients has proven successful with many long-term clients in most local industries! As a result, our clients are happy to share their success stories – visit the testimonial page on our website to read a few!