Spring Meadow Resources (SMR) continues to be one of our longest OutSourced IT relationships.

At first, we provided simple break/fix and project work to SMR. We continued to take on more and more of SMR’s technology, ultimately coming to a point where we manage all of their IT needs – from phone systems to video security, and server to end-user.

Our closest client relationships are with our OutSourced IT customers, as trust is built over a period of time. We’re able to demonstrate our superior service, solution recommendations, and management of their business’s technology. In time, the customer is able to have complete confidence in “their” IT department.

James Bissett, Executive Director of SMR, knows that technology allows the company to operate more efficiently – therefore providing the value they demand, in order to pass on to their very own clients. Our position as SMR’s OutSourced IT provider, is to provide service and technology to maximize SMR’s value and potential.

As a 501(c) non-profit organization, SMR is entitled to discounts on software purchases and various technology – including our own non-profit discount of 25% on our OutSourced IT packages.

We’d like to give thanks to James and SMR for their continued faith and confidence in our business!