This month we’re highlighting our friends at M&D Construction!

M&D was founded in 1988, with a mission to provide top quality customer service for the local Great Falls community, while creating meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities for their employees.

Their 32 employees operate a large variety of high-end, specialized equipment, including excavators, shooter trucks, fueling trucks, blades, and sheet pile hammers.

Using this equipment, M&D performs the heavy lifting on a job site – including the initial site preparation, excavation, installation of underground utilities, demolition, hydro-vac, trucking, sheet pile installation, road maintenance and building, and onsite fueling and maintenance.

Our relationship with M&D started just under 2 years ago, when their need for proactive, hassle-free technology outgrew their then-current technical support. A business like M&D requires maximum “uptime” to their network and a quick response to any issues that arise. Our OutSourced IT model has been a great fit to provide M&D the care and attentiveness they need to remain a thriving business in a competitive industry.

Most recently, we helped facilitate a move to a new physical location, where they needed to be up and running the very next day – a feat that requires some coordination.

The fine folks at M&D are a real pleasure to work with, which makes our job as a technology provider that much easier. Thanks M&D! We look forward to our continued partnership.

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