Through blending comprehensive care, compassion, and professionalism, Associated Dermatology & Skin Care Clinic of Helena aims to provide the best experience and highest quality dermatologic care services to our community.

Dr. Stephen Behlmer and Dr. Jeffry A. Goldes (voted #1 dermatologist in Helena in 2017) strive to deliver personalized, patient-centered care to prevent, identify, and treat all skin conditions and skin cancer.

This year will mark almost 5 years that we’ve provided our OutSourced IT services to Associated Dermatology (A.D.) – and we’ve seen a lot happen in that time!

As a client, A.D.’s IT infrastructure represents that of a typical medical office. Different staffing roles require different hardware solutions, from intake and reception (desktops, electronic signatures, digital paperwork, etc.), to nurses and doctors, requiring room-to-room mobility in the form of laptops and tablets. This creates a lot of moving parts, which all must network to a common software solution. As a medical office, all of these solutions must adhere to the strict set of HIPAA regulations.

Most importantly, an environment like this demands zero “downtime” – any amount of downtime is a halt to work-flow, leaving employees and clientele unable to continue. To ensure this, we must provide top-notch security and backup solutions for A.D.

To the fine folks at A.D., thanks for being an absolute pleasure to work with!