The Friendship Center


Started in 1973, The Friendship Center (TFC) is the only agency that provides safe shelter and a broad range of support services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in a large, three county area in Southwest Montana.

TFC’s primary objective is to provide immediate safe shelter for adult and child victims, and to provide opportunities for thefriendship
m to access the services they need to rebuild their lives. These include community services and resources that provide the assistance they need to resolve their crisis and begin to rebuild their lives. You can find out more about TFC at their website,

As a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization, we’ve helped TFC setup access to a myriad of benefits available to them- including unbelievable cost savings on Microsoft software and hosted Office 365 email.

TFC also receives our discount on services, that we extend to all organizations with a 501c(3) status.

This, in addition with a few domain and hardware upgrades, has brought TFC into the fold of our OutSourced IT infrastructure, where we provide support, monitoring, management, and enhanced security/backup features.

We look forward to supporting The Friendship Center for many years to come!