As an OutSourced IT provider, it’s our responsibility to get to the bottom of our client’s technology-related “pain points.” Year after year, the frustrations of dealing with IT usually fall into a few common categories.

I.T. Concept

Businessman pressing an I.T. concept button.

Poor Response Time & Slow Resolution to Problems: Many IT companies have a reputation for providing a slow response to service requests – this is surprisingly the most common issue we hear about. How many businesses in other industries can allow a slow response time to their customer’s problems? We often hear about 2-3 week response times from competitors! And they’re able to get away with it because business managers are too busy to make a change and are at the mercy of their “IT guys” skillset and know-how.

At ISM, we adhere to a Guaranteed One-Hour Response time for our OutSourced IT clients – and have an average ticket resolution time of 29 minutes! Our phones are always answered by a live Help Desk Technician, and we’ll address your computer support problem immediately or call you back in sixty minutes or less. If your call is not responded to in one hour, we’ll fix it for free! Your IT support project will be completed within the allotted time constraints, resources, scope and budget.

Having a ‘Retro-Active’ Approach to IT: There’s one constant across almost every one of our clients – when there’s an IT problem thats needs to be fixed, it needs it fixed FAST. We’ve learned that the best way to avoid having these IT emergencies and experiencing any downtime, is by taking a Proactive Approach to managing technology. By managing IT from a stance of preemptive maintenance and health, we’re able to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. By using technologies that silently and automatically keep your infrastructure up to our best practices – including patch/security vulnerabilities and backups – we stay in front of the catastrophic problems and allow business to remain uninterrupted. Here’s a couple of basic questions you can ask yourself: is your backup performing regularly and actively being monitored? When is the last time your workstations, servers, and network equipment were updated with security patches?

IT Needs Not Supporting Business Objectives: All companies want to focus on their business – and NOT their technology. Technology should be used as a power tool that can move a business forward, instead of a problem that costs time and money. It needs to compliment the business’s short and long term objectives – for example, if a company is looking to expand it’s business, then they need to have technology that supports doing so. At Information Systems of Montana, we give our OutSourced IT relationships the priority and importance of our own company. With our clients, we help develop a long term vision for IT, utilizing the newest technologies (security, backup/recovery, management), all while providing the top level of response and support for your issues.

Small IT Staff / One “IT Guy:” This is another one we come across often – problems arising as a result of paying an IT company with insufficient resources. IT problems must wait for their poor availability, before being resolved! Built on our almost 25 years in business, we currently employ an expert team of 9 full-time technicians. We boast the ability for our Managed clients to call us as their IT support and get a live person to address their problem every time.

Are you experiencing any of the above problems? Then your business isn’t receiving the proper IT support it needs! Give us a call today to see what we can do differently.