Here’s 3 Questions To Ask Yourself:

Q: Does your security solution have industry-leading anti-exploit technology? Attackers must be prevented from using software vulnerabilities to distribute and install ransomware.

Q: How will your solution stop attacks it’s never seen before? Your defense system must be able to identify unknown, unseen, and previously unidentifiable executables.

Q: Should ransomware find its way onto one of your endpoints, how will your solution deal with it? A best-in-class solution should not only stop attacks, but also roll affected files back to their previous safe states.

At ISM, we utilize a combination of cybersecurity solutions, including Sophos brand products. Such as their Intercept X Advanced, which blocks more exploit techniques than any other endpoint protection product on the market. It’s not enough to just have exploit protection: the number of exploit techniques a product protects against is also extremely important.


This uses award-winning deep learning engine can identify unknown, unseen, and previously unidentifiable executables with greater accuracy than any other vendor on the market. The second-to-none CryptoGuard anti-ransomware technology found in Intercept X Advanced not only offers the best ransomware protection on the planet to stop attacks in their tracks, but also uses proprietary shadow-copy technology to roll affected files back to their previously-safe states, and cleans up affected registry entries – all in the blink of an eye. It’s not enough to just stop a ransomware attack: it needs to be reversed and cleaned up as well, so you can get on with your day.

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