Network and endpoint protection, centrally managed and communicating together. For stronger, simpler security.

We’re surrounded by cyber risks. More attacks, growing complexity of those attacks, and not enough people to fight them create a perfect storm of IT security challenges, particularly for small to mid-sized organizations. Existing layered approaches to IT security are not succeeding, and the efforts to solve their shortcomings with analytics are also falling short.

The current methods of complex, threat-centric, headcount-dependent, myopic solutions will not meet the needs of resource-constrained IT security teams. To reverse the trend of increasing incidents and breaches, we must take a much different approach than we have in the past.

Synchronized Security, a New Approach

A New, Revolutionary Idea

For decades, the security industry has been treating network security, endpoint security, and data security as completely different entities. It’s the equivalent of putting three security guards in your building – one outside the front door, one inside, and one in front of your safe – but not allowing them to talk to each other. Synchronized security hands each of those guards a smartphone so they can coordinate and communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. It’s a simple, but at the same time revolutionary concept.

By synchronizing protection of data, endpoints, and networks, security teams and infrastructures are now equipped to quickly and effectively react and respond to today’s threats.