“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

– Eric Hoffer

Technology continues to advance at an astonishing rate. Computer chips have become increasingly powerful while costing less and less. That’s because over the last five decades, the number of transistors—or the tiny electrical components that perform basic operations—on a single chip have been doubling regularly. This exponential doubling, known as Moore’s Law, is the reason a modern smartphone affordably packs so many capabilities into such a small package.

As a business that uses and depends on technology to operate, what does this mean for you? At ISM – where we support technology in our role as a Business Service Providerwhat does that mean for us?

This advancement in computing power has allowed businesses to take advantage of the connectivity of the internet. The “cloud” was once a foreign concept when talking to our clients. Now, it’s used for everything from email, backup and recovery mechanisms, to server/desktop platforms, to video security and VOIP telephony. These new technologies allow for new ways to add value and maximize efficiencies for businesses in any industry.


Simply selling technology in the form of hardware and software products has never been our thing. We leverage technology in order to bring value to the entirety of the client’s hierarchy, from top to bottom. What are the goals of the CIO, CEO, business owners and office managers – and where can we utilize technology to help reach these goals? What are the duties and roles of the client’s employees and staff, and where can technology enhance their value? For our team, technology is a tool to bring value to client’s business services.

Technology now holds more value in a business than ever before, in the form of its data. For a medical office, data can contain financial/insurance information, health records, critical patient info like SSN and DOB. For a local retail business, data can contain customer billing info (credit card numbers) and critical accounting information. This all requires new levels of data security to stay compliant.

IT security constantly demands more out of us, a trend that will only grow in the future. We work with industry leading security solutions that use the latest in technology to help prevent, detection, and remedy a situation. For example, our security package delivers an advanced firewall that tests every download coming into the network in a virtualized environment, before permitting the download to pass into the network.

Businessman with cloud computing concept

Businessman with cloud computing and connectivity concept

Our backup and recovery solutions can also incorporate virtualized environments as well. Let’s say a server has a hardware problem and requires maintenance – our solutions allow your network to be run off a local or cloud-based virtual ‘version’ of that server – and therefore avoiding substantial downtime.

Another way we add value is by helping obtain compliance in particular industries. Do you need to be HIPAA compliant? PCI Compliant? PII Compliant? We help our clients with those risk assessments and remediations. What about best practices surrounding employee Acceptable Internet Use Policies? Mobile Device Use Policies? We help our clients design and build these for their own company, reflecting their own needs and values.

As every industry continues to rely more and more on technology in the everyday workplace, it becomes more and more important at ISM to provide maximum “uptime” to our clients. Anything that prevents users from accessing their normal technology is a problem. Unexpected outages, or even unplanned software upgrades, can render an employee useless when they can’t access their files, their email, or their database. Our proven set of software, hardware, and business processes blends the latest in technology with tools we’ve developed over the past decade, to deliver an environment to our OutsourcedIT clients that maximizes uptime and ease of use.

Is your current IT support provider helping you leverage these advancements in technology? Are they using these technologies themselves? Give us a call to see how ISM can add value to your business today!