I appreciate the excellent service and technical support I have received from Information Systems. They helped me update my old MacBook Pro so that it performed as well as possible for as long as possible. Then, when I bought an iPad and a new MacBook Pro and printer from them, they got everything set up and synced and working together. And now, whenever I have problems or questions, I can call them for help and they get the problems solved. It’s great to have Mac tech support right here in Helena.

Helena, MT

Your staff have become an extension of our organization!

Switching to ISM still remains one of the best decisions I have made to improve the corporate operations and field systems operations between the corporate office where the file server resides and the group homes. Yes it cost money but it has also saved us a ton of down time and frustrations. From the very beginning ISM has been a great partnership. Not having to worry about software upgrades and the downtime we use to have associated with running the updates. ISM handles all of our network changes with staff changes with a simply request through the user portal. We never have to ask or remind your staff of a pending change, verify status or completion. Your staff have become an extension of our organization to the point where my staff all know their names and enjoy their presence when they have to come on site (which is very rare now that we are all set up on the domain remotely). I would not hesitate to recommend ISM to anyone considering outsourcing their IT function. I always believe that you pay for what you get but in the case of ISM I believe that we get a very solid value for what we pay maybe even more than I initially expected.

Having ISM monitor our systems has totally taken that burden off of hands. Our file server use to crash all the time since hiring ISM to oversee our server (no hardware has been changed) we now go hundreds of days without any hiccups. They take care of all the updates and restarts with little to no downtime, most updates and restarts are done during after hours so as to not inconvenience the staff. When we do have problems they are very quick to respond and their staff really do know what they are doing so generally we are fixed extremely quickly. We have both our computers and phone systems services and maintained by ISM.

Chief Financial Officer

I would honestly say, to the person looking at cheaper companies, you get what you pay for. Yes, the cost may be higher than some other IT companies, however, the peace of mind knowing if an issue arises you know you will get top priority in scheduling. From my experience, our issues have been handled the day they come up, usually within a few hours. At the latest it would be the next day for “non-emergency” type issue.

I believe every company needs active monitoring. A smaller subsidiary company of ours was not using this option and they suffered a devastating virus attack. Again, this is peace of mind for me knowing I don’t need to worry about this. I can concentrate on our business and leave the IT issues to someone whom I completely trust.

Office Manager

Information Systems has always been prompt when a problem occurs.

Since computer networks and access to the internet is so important to business function, it is worth the extra cost to have IT readily accessible. Information Systems has always been prompt when a problem occurs. This keeps the office running.

Network monitoring and backup again a critical issue. Our data is safe and easily accessed. We don’t worry about malware or data breaches. If our server goes down or the office is destroyed, we don’t worry because it is completely backed up off site. A new server could be up and running in a matter of hours.

Jay, MD,
Practice Owner

ISM has saved my life on numerous occasions!

Director of Education

Thanks so much for all your much needed support at our salon and spa. We greatly appreciate your expertise! We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Salon and Spa

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Experience the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your IT infrastructure is now a strength upon which you can continue to build your business.


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