Your staff have become an extension of our organization!

Switching to ISM still remains one of the best decisions I have made to improve the corporate operations and field systems operations between the corporate office where the file server resides and the group homes.  Yes it cost money but it has also saved us a ton of down time and frustrations.  From the very beginning ISM has been a great partnership.  Not having to worry about software upgrades and the downtime we use to have associated with running the updates.  ISM handles all of our network changes with staff changes with a simply request through the user portal.  We never have to ask or remind your staff of a pending change, verify status or completion.  Your staff have become an extension of our organization to the point where my staff all know their names and enjoy their presence when they have to come on site (which is very rare now that we are all set up on the domain remotely).  I would not hesitate to recommend ISM to anyone considering outsourcing their IT function.  I always believe that you pay for what you get but in the case of ISM I believe that we get a very solid value for what we pay maybe even more than I initially expected.

Having ISM monitor our systems has totally taken that burden off of hands. Our file server use to crash all the time since hiring ISM to oversee our server (no hardware has been changed) we now go hundreds of days without any hiccups.  They take care of all the updates and restarts with little to no downtime, most updates and restarts are done during afterhours so as to not inconvenience the staff.  When we do have problems they are very quick to respond and their staff really do know what they are doing so generally we are fixed extremely quickly.   We have both our computers and phone systems services and maintained by ISM.

Jennifer Garber , Chief Financial Officer
Spring Meadow Resources

I would honestly say, to the person looking at cheaper companies, you get what you pay for. Yes, the cost may be higher than some other IT companies, however, the peace of mind knowing if an issue arises you know you will get top priority in scheduling. From my experience, our issues have been handled the day they come up, usually within a few hours. At the latest it would be the next day for “non-emergency” type issue.

I believe every company needs active monitoring. A smaller subsidiary company of ours was not using this option and they suffered a devastating virus attack. Again, this is peace of mind for me knowing I don’t need to worry about this. I can concentrate on our business and leave the IT issues to someone whom I completely trust.

Collen Cartwright , Office Manager
Operating Engineers, Local 400

As an IT consultant and the IT manager for PrintingCenterUSA.com, I have had several experiences with outside IT consultants. Usually the experiences are neutral, with some being negative due to the lack of performance, skills, and or attitudes.

I specifically want to let you know about an exceptional customer service experience provided by Ray Landsiedel from your Great Falls office  This was the greatest experience we have had with Information Systems of Montana. It was also, the most impressive encounter that I have had with another IT professional.

Ray fixed our failed Apple device promptly, saving us well above 200k in lost revenue. His friendly and positive attitude was most impressive. Especially, since this was during a time that ISM was experiencing an emergency phone outage.

I have heard rumors from other IT professionals in Montana that Ray is the best “Apple guy” in the state. This event backs up his reputation. Ray is truly a positive asset in your organization. I want to give my appreciation to Ray and Information Systems of Montana for providing a rapid solution with an awesome attitude. 

Matt Hawk, IT Manager
Printing Center USA

Your service has been great! I’m very glad we have moved to the new and improved program and pay the extra money. It really has eased both Tom and my minds knowing that your engineers and your team are watching what is going on. I love the quick response too, and Brian is great about showing me things, so I feel like I’m still learning and growing, but I don’t feel the pressure of making sure I MUST do it!

Julie Fallang, Office Manager
Centron Services, Inc.

By hiring ISM to design and update our systems, not only were able to take on additional projects, but employee morale improved.

We have been in business for over 80 years and the past 10 years were particularly challenging in terms of technology.  And not just equipment—also operating systems, software and various applications that are constantly changing yet must work together.  We hired ISM almost a year ago and I can say without reservation that they’ve been worth the price.  Prior to ISM we had tried a couple different “cost saving” routes, but the ultimate cost to us came from down time.  When equipment or technology processes weren’t  working efficiently, we’d end up taking longer to complete jobs, employees would get frustrated, project budgets and due dates got blown.  By hiring ISM to design and update our systems, not only were we able to take on additional projects, but employee morale improved!  There’s nothing like feeling super productive and super successful to make your work environment a happy place to be for everyone.  Any of our employees can contact ISM directly with a question or a problem, and get almost immediate assistance.  The pipeline of communication is direct to the user, so issues don’t get lost or confused in translation, which has been a huge advantage for me.  There’s nothing worse than trying to relay someone else’s problem to a tech person.  Speaking of which, our IT contact at ISM is very respectful of our sometimes, limited, understanding of technology.  We value his advice, suggestions, and prompt solutions.

Having ISM monitor our network 24/7 is priceless in peace of mind alone.  As business managers, we can turn our focus to building our company rather than getting sidetracked by “outside” security attacks.  Our employees produce amazing work and I feel it is a priority of this company to protect this work from any kind of hack.  At the same time our clients value privacy and security in the work we do for them.  If we were to trivialize the importance of backups, security, and overall network health, we could subject ourselves not just to lost business, but potential breach of contract suits.

Ultimately, we want to be the best in our industry, and with the expertise ISM brings to us behind the scene, we’re definitely closer to that goal.

Lorie Hager, Chief Financial Officer
The Wendt Agency

The folks at ISM are fast, friendly and professional in all that they do. It doesn’t matter how big or small your issue may be ISM has an incredible and responsive staff that always comes through!

Kal Poole, Managing Director
Grandstreet Theatre

ISM has saved my life on numerous occasions!

Marianne Adams, Director of Education
Grandstreet Theatre School

Information Systems has always been prompt when a problem occurs.

Since computer networks and access to the internet is so important to business function, it is worth the extra cost to have IT readily accessible.  Information  Systems has always been prompt when a problem occurs.  This keeps the office running.

Network monitoring and backup again a critical issue.  Our data is safe and easily accessed. We don’t worry about malware or data breaches.  If our server goes down or the office is destroyed, we don’t worry because it is completely backed up off site. A new server could be up and running in a matter of hours.

Dr. Jay Larson, MD, Practice Owner
South Hills Internal Medicine Associates

We Could Not Hire A Competent IT Tech For The Money We Pay Information Systems of Montana.

We were concerned with the pricing and trying to budget for the perceived increased cost.  I use the word perceived because what we were attempting to do on our own was a path to network failure.  Our IT Manager is very good at what she does, however does not have the time or energy to keep up with the fast moving tech world even though we live in that environment.  It can be frustrating to have your network have a problem and suddenly none of your employees can work effectively, particularly if that problem can be avoided with competent monitoring.  We have used IT companies in the past that have demonstrated a less than acceptable level of professionalism- not being truly involved with their clients, it seems like we were paying them to learn on the job.  I would certainly get references from potential IT support providers before trusting them with such an important component of your business.  The IT support should be part of your team and work like they are employed by your firm.  We could not hire a competent IT tech for the money we pay Information Systems.  I have considered that possibility but instead chose to contract with Information Systems.  The price is not cheap, but our IT manager can focus on proprietary software upgrades instead of putting out fires in our network.

Although we had firewalls in place, we had very limited knowledge of the upgrades that are required to maintain up to date security.  Our business is highly susceptible to predatory hackers and we owe it to our consumers and clients to maintain security at the highest level possible.   The clients we service are also in a high tech environment and they are demanding that we match their level of security.  The national news often report on data breeches and we do not want to put ourselves and our clients at risk.  These can be very expensive, but it is a risk that can be managed with forethought.   I expect that the firm we hire will maintain certification in all levels of support because we cannot afford any compromise.

Tom England, President
Centron Services, Inc.

I appreciate the excellent service and technical support I have received from Information Systems. They helped me update my old MacBook Pro so that it performed as well as possible for as long as possible. Then, when I bought an iPad and a new MacBook Pro and printer from them, they got everything set up and synced and working together. And now, whenever I have problems or questions, I can call them for help and they get the problems solved. It’s great to have Mac tech support right here in Helena.

Sarah Jaeger, Ceramic Artist
Helena, MT

Thanks so much for all your much needed support at Calleis Salon and spa. We greatly appreciate your expertise! We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Calleis Salon and Spa

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