As many of you have requested, your favorite network technology support provider is now your favorite VoIP phone system provider! VoIP (Voice over IP) Systems by ISM helps your business communicate with ease!

Leave your outdated, traditional phone system for the new versatility, ease of use and flexibility of a phone system that can be powered on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

ISM VoIP is the opportunity to drop your outdated traditional phone system for a more advanced, affordable, and integrated VOIP phone. Our VoIP solutions have been integrated with dozens of key features including a virtual receptionist, paging/intercom, and voicemail to email options.

Ease of Use
Even with all of these great features, ISM VoIP is still extremely easy to use. We understand when running your business, you don’t have time to search and decipher a complex phone system. These systems are perfect for any and all business sizes, as you can now easily connect multiple locations all into one central phone system.

Features available include: 
• Multiple Auto Attendants 
• Multiple Call Routes 
• Call Recording 
• Call Conferencing 
• Call Queues 
• Call Park 
• Find me, Follow me Presence 
• Voicemail to Email 
• Music – Message on hold 
• Door Relays 
• Caller ID Direction 
• Paging / Intercom
• Silent Monitor, Listen Whisper and Barge In 
• Call Screening & Blocking 
• Employee & Group Extensions 
• Office / After Hours Management 
• Remote IP Phone 
• Plus dozens of other features! 

Now that we’ve told you what VoIP is and how it could benefit your company, it’s time to answer other questions that may come up! 

Will it cost me more money? 
No! As a matter of fact, it will likely save you money… TONS of money. Many businesses are switching their phone service to VoIP phone service. Typically, you’ll save up to 70% on your phone bill. VoIP is not just the latest trend in technology; it’s the smart way to do business. 

Can I use my existing phone number? 
Yes! If you already have one or more phone numbers for your business, we can easily move them over for you. 

How will it help my company work remote? 
ISM will have you, or anyone on your team, set up and seamlessly working from home within hours. With VoIP, we manage your company’s business phone over the internet. You can easily set up conference calls, desktop sharing, instant messaging, chat, and video calls. From home, you’ll still have advanced features such as call analytics, call logs, music hold, call recording, call forwarding, and much more. 

Can I use VoIP on my cell phone? 
Absolutely! You can use your cell phone or your tablet. 

What if I need help with my VoIP? 
We are here to help out with ALL of your needs. You’ll talk to a real person on our team and we’ll get you situated in no time. We have been around since the mid ‘90s and we plan on sticking around. You can count on us! 

Contact Sales at or call (406) 443-8386 today for a 
FREE phone/intent bill review and phone system discussion! 


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