It’s April and Spring is here! Just the other day, we had our first flower at the office pop it’s head from the dirt. The excitement for any sunshine and good weather has become contagious!

april image

Last week’s ‘Monday morning coffee catch up’ contained reports from the weekend of our fellow employees out skiing at Great Divide, riding horses, climbing rock, hiking, biking, and cross country skiing. It’s a magical season in Montana that offers so many different ways to enjoy yourself outside!

This April, we have a few important dates to acknowledge. Connie Carson and David Sain are both celebrating a birthday this month (check out this month’s Who We Are section). This also means they get to decide what tasty adult beverage goes into our office keg-aerator this month! Happy Birthday, Connie and David!

This month, we’re also celebrating the 1 year work anniversary of our Missoula counterpart, Gordon Lemon! Thanks for a great first year, Gordon!