Although it’s been somewhat of a late spring here in Montana, it’s finally here and summer is just around the corner. Just last night, I came down off of Mt. Helena around 9pm under a beautiful sunset sky and 70 degree temperatures. Scents from lilac blooms filled the air, and the trails were packed with people enjoying the summery weather!

The season after winter and before ‘smoke season’ seems to be shorter and shorter each year, but it’s the time of year many of us live in Montana for!

This month, we’re featuring Centron Services, Inc. as our Client Spotlight, and long-time team member Cody Cloepfil in the Who We Are section.

Since we have such a wide audience of businesses across all industries here in Montana, we decided to write an article about the “Must Have Technology for Every Business.” This simplifies the discussion of IT needs into a few categories that apply to all sizes of local businesses.

Happy June, everybody!