Happy May! Although it’s been a bit late this year, it’s finally starting to smell a bit like spring outside. Buds are developing on trees, wildflowers are rearing their heads, and the days continue to get longer. Seeing the sun set closer and closer to 9pm has me thinking about the coming days of summer.

may image

This month, we have one important date to recognize – Aaron Morris, Service Desk Technician in our Great Falls location, is celebrating a birthday on May 23rd! If you have the opportunity, please wish Aaron a Happy Birthday! You can find out more about our Great Falls tech-wizard in the ‘Who We Are’ section on the following page!

In this month’s newsletter, we also (1) take a look at Doney Crowley, P.C., in our ‘Client Spotlight’, and (2) have a deep dive into the subject of Cyber Liability Insurance. In today’s digital age, this insurance policy is something every organization needs to consider carrying.