Happy New Year! For me, it never quite sinks in until the first time I write the new date year down. 1/2019 – wowza! Hope everyone has been enjoying the recent snow outside.snowy mountains with skier

A few big announcements to make with the new year. A VERY important announcement about Garth Fleetwood – but you’ll have to read his Employee Bio!

At ISM, we make it a priority to advance our technicians with further technical education and training certifications. Our employees put a lot of work into this, putting much of their own time into studying for the tests.

champaign glasses cheering
In December, our Service Manager, David Sain, passed the test to become a Mitel Unified Communications Support Engineer. This is a huge test that David put in over 100 hours into studying for. Congratulations David! Thanks for all your hard work.

Also this December, Ethan Kessel completed his Apple Service certification tests, which he devoted many hours of his own time to. Congratulations Ethan!! We love having you on the team.