I’m sure everybody is ready to see the snow start to melt, with the wild winter we’ve had this year!

This March, we are celebrating a birthday for Matt Dalton and a work anniversary for David Sain.

Most importantly, the end of March marks the retirement for our longest-tenured employee, Mac-Guru, Apple-aficionado, and all-around amazing human being, Ray Landsiedel. We’re extremely happy for Ray and his retirement, where he’ll be able to dedicate himself fulltime to his family, and ‘museum’ of Mac computers. Ray has worked on Macs since the original Mac, over 33 years ago.

To say we’re going to miss Ray feels silly – he’s been an unbelievable resource to our company, in terms of his technical skills and knowledge. But what we’ll miss most about Ray is simply his presence in our office. Ray has been a great mentor to our employees and is a constant beam of positivity, to both ISM and our clients.

I won’t forget receiving a testimonial from a client, pronouncing a tech visit from Ray as “the most impressive encounter I’ve ever had with another IT professional.” Now that’s a fine summary of Ray!

All the best, Mr. Landsiedel.