Happy June!

Over the next few months, you will see a focus on content around the term “Business Continuity.” If you’re not familiar with this term as a business owner – you need to be.
The term Business Continuity refers to a much wider and far-reaching approach to data backup and recovery. In the past, data backup and data recovery was a simple process that ensured a copy of your data if all systems failed.
In today’s world of technology, businesses use data and systems as an integral part of their business process and demand maximum ‘uptime” and availability.
Business Continuity is an approach to backup and recovery that focuses on your ability to continue normal business operation in the case of any interruption or unforeseen disaster. This includes not only the solutions, required for this, but also the processes and theory behind these solutions.
Is your business thinking in terms of backup & recovery, or Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?