We hope everybody is ready for some warmer weather! After a February that boasted some of Montana’s coldest temperatures ever recorded, we’re ready for some above 0 degree weather. In all my years in Montana, I can’t quite recall looking at negative double digit weather so consistently.

This March, we’re celebrating a couple of important dates. Office arm-wrestling champ and tech-extraordinaire, Matt Dalton, is celebrating a birthday early this month. Happy Birthday, Matt!

We also have two work anniversaries this March.

David Sain, Service Manager, is celebrating 2 years with ISM – and what a 2 years it’s been! David has brought so much to our team and continues to do so. We sure do appreciate his vision, management, and technical prowess. Happy Anniversary, David!

In our Great Falls office, technician Aaron Morris reaches his 1 year mark with ISM. After 1 year with Aaron, we can (un)comfortably say we finally understand his sense of humor. 😉 Really, Aaron is one of the funniest and most enjoyable people to have in the office – not to mention his status as a technical savant. Thanks for a great year Aaron, we look forward to many more.

This month, we look forward to the day our boss, Mike Marlow, will most definitely show up with green hair (photo). Happy March, everybody!