We’re often guilty of throwing around industry-specific terms and acronyms. Who doesn’t want to learn another acronym, eh? That’s why we want to discuss the term “OutSourced IT” – after all, this is our main gig!

We define our business as an “OutSourced IT” Provider. The concept is simple from a surface-level view; a business outsources their IT department to a 3rd party. However, the reality of our OutSourced IT plans are a relationship far beyond providing simple computer support, as you’ll read below.

Every year, our role as an OutSourced IT provider changes slightly as we keep up with new advancements and directions in our industry. Both 2017 and 2018 have resulted in pushing ISM Advanced Security Services to the forefront of the value we bring to our OutSourced clients, as the threat of a data breach or ransomware attack is crippling to any business. In addition to state-of-the-art detection and prevention solutions, our Advanced Security Services include Vulnerability and Penetration testing, HIPAA Assessments, Risk/Security Assessments, Phishing Email and User Awareness trainings – just to name a few.

Our OutSourced IT plans are designed with our clients to utilize a holistic stance on management, maintenance, and support for an entire IT environment. Here’s a quick summary on what that looks like:

The initial 3-6 months of the relationship (Onboarding Stage) are the most work intensive, as we migrate the client to our proven platform of software, hardware, and support infrastructure. In addition to our solutions, there are often hardware replacements and software upgrades to address. This period helps reinforce the quality of our support systems and technicians, as they work closely with the client to make these transitions smooth and efficient.

People Meeting Corporate Working Technology Startup Concept

People Meeting Corporate Working Technology Startup Concept

Once the client is finished with the Onboarding stage, the work-flow shifts toward monitoring and maintaining the client’s environment. Our software solutions proactively monitor hardware for unusual events and potential future problems, automatically alerting us 24/7/365. We have daily procedures in place for monitoring backups, security, and PC/server health.

Employees at the client are able to submit their support requests via phone, email, or web portal – where they can track the status and read technician’s notes on the issues. Our OutSourced IT clients are our highest priority and receive immediate help on priority items. If they can’t be transferred immediately to a technician for remote assistance (or if the issue requires a physical presence), we guarantee a technician’s response within 1 hour.

Periodically we report on the hardware, network, backup and security information to the office managers and owners at the Client. These reports often reveal data that helps management increase their user’s efficiency (for example, finding that a specific user is spending a little too much time streaming Netflix on the clock :))

A key component to the OutSourced IT relationship is our periodic Technology Business Reviews. We hold these meetings between our account managers and the client’s management. These meetings are extremely valuable, as they give us (their ‘IT department’) an opportunity to meet and re-align our technology plans with the client’s business plans for the future. In addition to reviewing past technical issues, we help identify areas where we can continue to add value, whether in tweaking a current solution or something new all together. We review hardware inventories, warranties, and software renewals in order to assist the client in developing a budget for years in advance. We also review network logs, security threats, and the steps we’ve taken to keep our client secure.

Interested in what other ways we can bring value to your business? Give Mike, Grace, or Gordon a call at ISM today!