This month, we’re highlighting our Great Falls wonder-child, technical prodigy Aaron Morris.

aaron morris

The Man, The Myth.

At a glance, Aaron appears as an ordinary human being – but if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Aaron, you now know that’s not the case.

Growing up in Missoula, Aaron cultivated his love for the local requisite activities of floating rivers, raising chickens, geocaching, hiking with his two pugs (both loud and overly confident), and tasting local microbrews.

While initially attending the University of Montana for a degree in Sociology, it wasn’t long before his nerdom won out. A self-proclaimed professional couch potato and tech nerd, Aaron is in his natural setting when surrounded by computers, video games, and what others commonly refer to as “tech junk.”

While daylighting as our Great Falls office Service Desk Technician, it may come as a surprise that you’d most likely find Aaron locked in his garage, when not in the office.

Here, he exercises hobbies of wrestling wrenches, grease, cars, and motorbikes – commonly know as “mechanic-in’.” Aaron insists he employs many of the same troubleshooting and problem solving skills here in the garage, as he does in the office.

Aaron made the move to the Electric City in 2015 to pursue his career in IT, and joined ISM in March of 2018.

If you can’t tell, Aaron is an absolute blast to work with. His sense of humor is matched only by his technical skills – thanks for everything you do Aaron!

You’re a big part of ISM and we’re very lucky to have you on the team!!