This month we’re spotlighting our Service Manager, David Sain!

David was raised in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana, leaving to pursue a 4 year career in the military. You could say his extensive IT career began here, when he first worked on an early computer.


Me: David “In-Sain,” get it?
David: (silence……… no smile)
Me: Is that the first time you’ve heard that?
David: (silence……….. finally, a great smile!!)

Since then, some of his more interesting IT jobs include his introduction to telephony in 1988, and an early start with networking in Los Angeles, where he built his first Server and Cisco router all the way back in 1992! Later, a career based in Chicago with Motorola provided the opportunity to work as a traveling engineer around Europe and Asia.

As David’s coworker, I tend to point towards these experiences to credit his technical and managerial prowess, as well as his cultured personality (insert Bitteroot-er joke here!).

It’s been 10 years since David’s been back in MT, with 2 of those spent here in Helena at ISM. As Service Manager and Senior Engineer, David not only handles projects on the advanced end of the technical spectrum, but helps shape our service department and technicians – which he does a wonderful job at!

In his time not spent at ISM, you can find David fixing things (anything that breaks), or enjoying the outdoors with a pair of skis, mountain bike, hiking boots, or gardening gloves.

Thanks for everything you do for us at ISM, David!