Our employee spotlight this month features Ethan Kessel!

Ethan Kessel is our primary Help Desk Technician in our Helena location. If you’re a client, you’ve probably spoke with, or even had Ethan solve one of your computer issues. In addition to his Tier 1 service duties, Ethan is an authorized expert in Apple and Lenovo repairs. As a “true nerd,” you can really get Ethan going by stirring up conversations on Apple OS vs Windows, or iPhone vs Android operating systems. 😉

Ethan was raised in the charming and heavenly oasis, beautiful Bakersfield, California! If you’ve spent a few minutes with Ethan, you’ve likely heard him mention how much he misses the extraordinary heat back home.


Ethan has resided on and off in Helena for around 5 years, with the past 1.5 years being spent here full-time with his wife, Sienna, and 15 month-old, Cayde, and 2 cats! Yup, he’s a cat guy. Before Helena, Ethan lived in Durango, Colorado, where he worked on an IT help desk for 4 years. In his time not spent here in the office, Ethan enjoys playing video games, working on vehicles, fishing, and playing golf when it’s not too cold out!

Thanks for being such an integral part of the team, Ethan! We sure appreciate all you’ve done for us.