Next up is ISM arm-wrestling champ, Mr. Matt Dalton, coming in at 6’0” 275lbs.

It’s almost been 2 years since Matt joined ISM as a Field Engineer, after an intense recruitment period.


Matt first stepped into the tech industry, 3 yrs ago… “While in the oilfield, I saw how important technology is to business operations across all industries, even at remote locations in the middle of the Badlands during winter. I went back to school to learn more about the information systems supporting a wide range of industries… I was also looking for warm winters, cool summers, in a stable and growing industry with competitive compensation that required minimal travel.”

Matt was born and raised in Helena, and has resided here for 37 years with his wife and 6 children, Jacob (16yo – just got his drivers license!), Jordan (12yo), Dylan (9yo), Patrick (5yo), Elizabeth (4yo), and Raagan (their 170 lb English mastiff, age unspecified).

Outside of work, Matt keeps himself busy with housework and education, but even has a hobby or two… these include winning office competitions (how about that steak, Rusty?!), various sports, spending time outside camping and rafting, and forging his arms of steel with carpentry and concrete/stone work.

We’ve been very lucky here at ISM to land such a hard-working, great employee, talented problem solver, all around wonderful human to be around, and top-tier athlete.

Thanks for the wonderful 2 years, Matt!!