Who We Are – Grace Morris

We thought it would be fun to share a bit about our wonderful employees in each newsletter, to give you a chance to better know our team. First on our list – Grace Morris!


Grace has been our Business Development lead since August 2017. She came to ISM after working for the City of Helena as a 911 Dispatcher, so there isn’t much that seems very daunting after having a job like that!

Grace and her husband reside in Helena, and have a couple of horses and an 80 lb lap dog, Tatonka, who frequents our dog friendly office, and has a rather large fan base himself. (Tatonka has quickly become an office favorite!)

Grace is a published writer and editor, and in her spare time, enjoys horseback riding, running with her dog, hiking, photography, drawing, reading, movies, and traveling. Grace also likes cooking and baking, especially around the holidays, and visiting local breweries and coffee shops.

She has been to 48 states and 4 countries so far, and is planning on adding to that list soon! She’s a loyal Green Bay Packers fan, and her favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Father Goose, The Princess Bride, and Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove (among others). Grace is a nerd at heart, and loves both Star Wars and Star Trek, so it’s only fitting that she works for an IT company.

She loves her job at ISM, and is extremely thankful to work with such a great team!