This month, we’re spotlighting the man, the myth, the legend, Rusty Linden!

Rusty was born and raised in Helena, Montana and after a 16 year hiatus, returned to his hometown 3 years ago. Interested in a career shift to technology, Rusty joined ISM in February 2017, and has been an office favorite ever since.


“I have a passion for creating healthy, highly efficient systems, and making people’s lives and businesses more enjoyable and profitable, which is pretty much what ISM is all about! I‘m happy to bring a long history of human capacity development, leadership skills and organizational psychology, from my former work experiences, to the realm of IT!”

As our Chief Operations Officer, Rusty has brought a world of change to ISM. His unflappably positive attitude and ability to connect with employees of all levels has allowed Rusty to dramatically improve our operations, on both the technical and human resources sides.

Rusty spends most of his time outside of the office with his lovely family and wife: Onawa (high school sweetheart-turned-wife), Eveyanna (12yrs), Salome (9yrs), Magdalene (7yrs). Rusty and Onawa will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this year!

Rusty can usually be found ripping around town on his BMW motorcycle, ssnowboarding, refilling growlers every Wednesday and Sunday at the Blackfoot Brewery, or making slime at home with his kids.

We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve added to our team here at ISM, Rusty!