This month we’re spotlighting Tammy Marlow, our CXO (Chief Experience Officer), a.k.a. The Real Boss!

Throughout her 25 years here at ISM, Tammy has held about every position imaginable: Founder, Owner, Manager, Finance, Operations, Party Planner – pretty much whatever role she’s ever needed to be in!


Born in Missoula and raised in Helena, Tammy is proud to have called Helena home for the majority of her adult life, as have her parents who still reside here. Tammy is the proud momma of two wonderful ladies, Tanya and Megan, and an EXTREMELY proud grandmother (grandson Jaxson), who’s she’s lucky to have close by.

Tammy has always been the heart of Information Systems since it’s start on February 15th, 1994, as well as several local businesses in the past. If you grew up in Helena in the 90’s or 2000’s and ever bought a music album – chances are you remember Tammy from the legendary Music-To-Go!

Outside of ISM, you’ll find Tammy traveling, quilting and drinking wine, spending time with friends, visiting wineries – or locally, enjoying her favorite dinner at On Broadway (and drinking wine?).

To say Tammy is an integral part of ISM would be such an undersell – we simply don’t have enough room here to talk about what she has done in her 24 years here, and continues to do here for our business and workplace. Thanks a million, Tammy!!

In turn, Tammy would like to mention how fortunate she feels to have the team that we do here at ISM. “Couldn’t do it without all their dedication and hard work! They all rock!”